Catch a Ton of Bass with Monk’s Weedless Spoon!

You’ll be amazed on the amount of action of Monk’s Weedless Spoon and how easy it is to use. Just cast it out and start slowly retrieving the lure. It’s just that simple!

And … you’ll be surprised how easily it goes through the tough places where the fish hang out. You can cast it in weeds, cattails, wild rice, lily pads, and wood.

And another great thing … it’s extremely durable. Monk’s Weedless Spoon is tough and was designed to last a long time so you can keep on catching more fish.
And it’s hand made right here in the good old USA! Each spoon is put together personally by the owner of the company.

By the way you don’t need heavy tackle for this lure. In fact … it’s designed to be used with your favorite spinning rod! Nothing could be easier!

So if you’re looking for a lot of topwater fishing action get yourself a Monk’s Weedless Spoon today … and have a blast fishing tomorrow!”

Thanks for visiting our website … and have fun fishing!

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